Today, the issue on Myanmar is more important than ever

Today, the issue on Myanmar is more important than ever‼


Well, it has been 1 year, 1 month and 15 days (407 days to be precise) and people in Myanmar are still getting killed every single day!

We have lost track of how many innocents were killed now because this sort of news has become a norm in our everyday life. That’s when we should realise that this moment is SOOO critical. Authoritarians are forcing / tricking us to get used to seeing & hearing their atrocities crimes, pushing us into getting used to their oppressions in everyday life.

It is now more important than ever for the civilians in Myanmar, the human rights activists in Myanmar and those around the world, and the Myanmar diaspora around the world, to be united and to find strength in solidarity to pressure the U.S. to impose sanction on MOGE. This will cut off the junta’s USD 1.5 billion (estimated) foreign revenue source from the sale of gas and oil!

Therefore, this WEBINAR is crucial at this moment for Myanmar Spring Revolution and Myanmar Democracy Movement.

Because if the U.S. upholds a regulation to impose sanctions on Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), that means giant global corporation like Chevron, POSCO and including PTT will not be able to enter and engage in transactions with MOGE.

U.S. must NOW take actions to support the people in Myanmar.

Moderator: Simon Billenness (Director, No Business with Genocide)
Speakers 1: Mike Haack (Campaign Manager, Campaign for a New Myanmar & Activist, the U.S Advocacy Coalition for Myanmar)

Speakers 1: Aye Lae (Natural Resource Activist, Researcher at Blood Money Campaign

Speakers 2: Ben Hardman (Lawyer and Myanmar Legal & Policy Advisor, Earth Rights International)

Speakers 3: Jan Jan (Co-Founder & Executive, Global Movement for Myanmar Democracy (GM4MD), Human Rights Advocate, the U.S. Advocacy Coalition for Myanmar)

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